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Anode Preparation Machine

Suitable for both small and large operations, the Ionic Anode Preparation System is available with capacities of 150-550 anodes per hour (APH). Our high-capacity systems can accommodate the demands of the largest electro-refining copper plants in the world. It is available as either a linear-style lower capacity system or a small-footprint rotary dial high capacity system according to your application requirements.

Linear Systems—Up to 450APH

The Ionic Linear Anode Preparation System is a conventional layout system, and offers several key advantages over competing systems, including:

  • Small footprintMechanical simplicity for easy maintenance A modular, flexible design that allows you to include additional operation systems after initial installation
  • Bottom supported anodes
  • Minimal hydraulics and greater use of servomotors

Rotary Dial Systems—Up to 550 APH

By employing a very compact high-speed servo-driven rotary dial transfer, and horizontal anode orientation, we reduce transfer times and processing speeds to provide the fastest, smallest anode preparation machine in the world.

The Ionic Advantage

Both the linear and dial style systems are available with a variety of operation stations and options:
  • Anode Receiving
  • Body Pressing
  • Lug Milling
  • Anode Spacing
  • Anode Inspection and Rejection
  • Bundle Splitting
  • Lug Pressing
  • Face Milling
  • Anode Delivery

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The Ionic linear style AMP affords a small footprint coupled with ease of installation and open access for care and maintenance.

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High-capacity Linear and Rotary Dial systems that meet the demands of the world’s largest electro-refining copper plants..

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